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girly boys

27 Jan

In Japan, the women loooove the girly boys, and somehow this emasculated male fetish is growing on me. Why do Japanese women prefer non-threatening men in Japan, any ideas/analysis? Matsujun is even advertising mascara now! Pictures all stolen from Crunchyroll.com, which became worthless when it started to collaborate with the Man!

Ikuta Toma:

Oguri Shun:

Of course, Matsujun:

And the best for last…Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun in women’s clothes–Toma is the nurse with the red arrow. And then…the infamous kissing scene between the two of them. Yup, they made out. Love Tomo in Hana Kimi!


“Gokusen” MatsuJun Highlights

12 Jan

So, now that I live in Japan and have acclimated reasonably well, I will start to post a bit more on Japan and Japanese pop culture (and how it relates to fashion), because I am a sucker for cheese. Here is a rare “beauty” post on the amazing hairstyle of Arashi star Matsumoto Jun in the drama “Gokusen”. Those are some amazing layers/highlights. Unfortunately, with my wavy hair I can’t really pull off East Asian hairstyles, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate them on girly lady-boys.