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Rumi is reading my mind

26 May

Lately Rumi Neely of The Fashion Toast is reading my mind. Just chopped up a thermal into a cardigan the other day, then–lo! She does it too, and in a much cooler and far more interesting way. Her fashion gears have started kicking up as Southern Cal enters summery weather. Congrats for the Forever21 campaign, Rumy! Picture from The Fashion Toast.


Only in Japan

27 Jan

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?

A guy is sitting on the train with his head shoved up the sleeve of his jacket and the guy next to him is busy emailing, or reading the news… totally oblivious to the situation.

The entire time I am thinking… whether he is in trouble. Maybe he has accidently gotten his head stuck up his sleeve and fainted because of overheating. I mean it must be very hot inside the sleeve of a down jacket. But on the other hand, maybe I have turned a little Japanesey and am afraid to draw attention to myself by approaching others and engaging in a little human interaction.

In any case, I hope that this guy made it home safely. Who knows… maybe he’s on to something and this could be the next “big thing” in the world of fashion.

tokyochii and japandamanda

26 Jan

Just a note to readers–we currently have two writers on this site, tokyochii and japandamanda.

tokyoichii is a fledgling designer; japandamanda is an amateur fashion enthusiast. tokyoichii’s posts will focus more on inspiration from the creation side of fashion; japandamanda will focus on consumer/personal style posts.

Please check the bottom of the post for the author.

The “Skanky Ho-bag” look…don’t knock it till ya try it

25 Jan

Now I am going to go a little off topic and discuss my current favorite look–the “Skanky Ho-bag Look”. Why is this off-topic, you ask? Well, reader, because it is not a look that is popular in East Asia, and therefore is of little relevance to this blog. However, I totally dig it, so let’s discuss, shall we?

What is the “Skanky Ho-bag” look, you ask? It is ripped stockings, ripped pants, wearing t-shirts as dresses, showing your bra, streaky black make-up, and tall ho-boots. Somehow it should be so wrong, but somehow it is so…right.

Now who are our “Skanky Ho-bag” fashion icons? Today, I am nominating my favorite, Effy from Skins 3. I think her stylist is the SHIT. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to grab some screenshots of her better outfits, but here is a general idea. That is some serious bling for a 16-year old (during filming) British chick. Check out her images below. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that the actress who plays Effy, Kaya Scodelario, is stunning and will be enormously famous some day.

In the future, I will do features on others who excel at the “Skanky Ho-bag Look”, like All Saints, Rumi from Fashion Toast, and Little J from Gossip Girl. It is part punk, part fuck you, part I don’t care (even though they do–takes time to dress like that!)– but somehow it is ultimately rock star and high fashion. Love it.

Tokyochii desu

17 Jan

Introducing myself.

I am an Aussie who graduated from fashion design in Melbourne and living in Tokyo in hopes of one day having the chance to make some sort of money from my designs. Something that I have realised in the past week is more common in Tokyo than I had thought. Amanda and I work together (English teaching, surprise surprise), which makes me think about all the creatives out there stuck in jobs they hate in the process of finding the one they want.

I think most gaikokujin or maybe only the ones I’ve met in Tokyo are here in pursuit of some kind of design or creative opportunity. This is really the place to do it in my opinion. There is so much freedom of expression, probably because no one really takes notice of each other here. It’s easy to turn a little Japanesey and start conforming in the only way the Japanese know how. To stand out.

Photo of Black Lolita fashion in Harajuku, TokyoJapanese Fashion - Maid Cosplay by Adrian.N.


1 Oct

I am back, and now I live in Tokyo. So now this shiz is fo real. I am attempting to navigate my posts from Beijing (made at back to this site, but having issues. Beijing is a wonderful place, but let’s just be honest here. Censorship SUCKS and everything is easier in Japan.

I have already noticed some interesting trends with the older ladies here in Tokyo–lots of pearls, gloves, and angry expressions. I will start documenting once I get settled in my new apartment! Cheers.

Moving House

6 Jan

Haiku Couture is now at The Hypermodern.