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Lucha Workshop and tee dresses

21 Mar

Long tees and T-shirt dresses are all the rage in Asia right now…


…and I love this guy’s designs. Reasonably priced, too. Not quite sure how he makes money.


He even has a nice jersey “villain” scarf to go with the weapon dress.



Who rocks hip hop style the best?

27 Feb

So here we have China/Taiwan’s three versions of Justin Timberlake. (Actually, their music is even lighter than that. Asia loves the ballads, and artists can’t really succeed musically there without some soft singin’ for the ladies…).

So! Who rocks the Asian hip hop style the best?

1. Chinese-American Wang Lihom


2. Taiwanese rapper Huang Lixing


3. Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou


(I’ll give you a hint–it’s Huang. He’s the only one who consistently features bitches in his music videos, an essential component for any self-respecting hip hop artist. Here he is ripping the skirt off of some girl and then showing off his t-shirt. Classy).