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The “Skanky Ho-bag” look…don’t knock it till ya try it

25 Jan

Now I am going to go a little off topic and discuss my current favorite look–the “Skanky Ho-bag Look”. Why is this off-topic, you ask? Well, reader, because it is not a look that is popular in East Asia, and therefore is of little relevance to this blog. However, I totally dig it, so let’s discuss, shall we?

What is the “Skanky Ho-bag” look, you ask? It is ripped stockings, ripped pants, wearing t-shirts as dresses, showing your bra, streaky black make-up, and tall ho-boots. Somehow it should be so wrong, but somehow it is so…right.

Now who are our “Skanky Ho-bag” fashion icons? Today, I am nominating my favorite, Effy from Skins 3. I think her stylist is the SHIT. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to grab some screenshots of her better outfits, but here is a general idea. That is some serious bling for a 16-year old (during filming) British chick. Check out her images below. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that the actress who plays Effy, Kaya Scodelario, is stunning and will be enormously famous some day.

In the future, I will do features on others who excel at the “Skanky Ho-bag Look”, like All Saints, Rumi from Fashion Toast, and Little J from Gossip Girl. It is part punk, part fuck you, part I don’t care (even though they do–takes time to dress like that!)– but somehow it is ultimately rock star and high fashion. Love it.


Ede and Ravenscroft

17 Aug

If I were a guy and had a ridiculous amount of money. this is where I would buy ALL of my clothes.

Catfish, Dogfish

22 Jun

The best stores in Cambridge.


Copenhagen Street Style

19 Jun

A cool street style blog, Copenhagen Street Style featured this Asian-Danish (?) dude who is apparently a designer for Kai-aakman. Loving the brightness of the pants. Yay for personal style and a man who isn’t afraid of carrying a lady bag.

Dress Assistant

13 Apr

Damn you, Apple! This application allows you to spend hours organizing your closet (after spending an embarrassing amount of time filming your entire wardrobe)…but then it provides hours of enjoyment. Look! I “designed” this outfit, wore it, and looked nerd-tastic:

And I’m gonna wear this sweet outfit when England stops being so icky and rainy and shines a little sunshine on my life:

Download here. Free for Mac users with updated operating systems. Yes, I am as shallow as that girl in Clueless that I organize my clothing using a computer program…and love it.