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Yon Sama…in 3D!!!

26 May

Now this just made me giggle. With the ubiquitous popularity of 3D in Japan (all over the world?) now, for the ladies out there, there is a new Yon sama movie…in 3D! Saw the ad on the train, began frantically texting the news to unimpressed friends. “Who is Yon sama?”

Japanese housewives must adore him! What does this say about the neglect they must suffer at home? He is like the most popular romantic novel ever. Here is a review of the film by Zoom on Bae Yoon Joon.


Bae Yoon-joon

26 Jan

This is an actor named Bae Yong-joon. He’s apparently superfamous in Korea and beloved in Japan. I am on the fence about his hair…OK, not on the fence, I think he looks insane. Yea or nay on this guy? I just moved to Japan so I am somewhat obsessed with the girly-boys here.  Does anyone get it? Someone please recommend some of his work so I can understand the fascination.

Baseball Hats

11 Sep

So the one way you can spot Korean girls in Beijing is the baseball cap. It seems to be a huge thing in Korea, and I have never once met a Chinese girl wearing a baseball cap. I love the baseball cap–these girls wear the sweetest, most “wenrou” (gentle, ladylike) outfits, and then-bam! A baseball cap to top it off. Surprise, surprise. I enjoy the conflict.

In Style and Jung Ryo-won

11 Sep

Now while Popseoul! loves to hate on the (overly?) slim Ryo-won, I just love the girl’s style. Here she is glamming up In Style.

Jung Ryu-won

13 Aug

It seems I am Korea fashion blogging a lot today, but I would give my right eye for half the clothes in Kdramas…Korean tv/moviestar Jung Ryu-Won is a fashionable little starlette: props for her very nice personal sense of style.


13 Aug

Sorry I haven’t posted my blog in a while, I was in Beijing and currently all of WordPress is blocked by the Great Firewall. This is ironic since I opened a WordPress blog as my previous blogs on Blogspot were blocked, and now WordPress is blocked and Blogspot is not. I think China simply can’t handle how far behind fashionably they have fallen. Won’t be winning any gold medals from me!

Anywho, salivating over South Korean brand Celli today. As with a lot of Korean fashion, it is ladylike with an edge.

SHINee and Vogue Girl

19 Jun

Now I don’t know much about Korean boy band SHINee, but these tracksuit tops and the quality of these pants are amazing:

Then there are the colors in this jacket:

And this amazing jacket. The quality of the cut and manufacture are obviously topnotch on the guy on the right, and I think girls would look amazing in the outfit on the dude on the left: