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The return of Minnetonka

11 Sep

Damn you, Vivi magazine! This moccasin + loafer combination, which half a year ago I would have found ridiculous, is my current obsession. Minnetonka is surprisingly cheap…or maybe it is because of living in the UK that my concept of “expensive” has changed…


OMG I F*ing Love Minnetonka

24 Feb

So moccasins are all the rage in Japan right now, and I am jumping on the bandwagon–the Japanese are on to something. MOCCASINS ARE THE SHIT!!!



During my visit to Hawaii I saw two Japanese girls wearing Minnetonka moccasin boots and it forced me to spaz out and buy a pair even though that means I won’t have enough money to eat next month. My new shoes:

My new boots

I don’t care and now I want to buy these ankle boot moccasins:


…Because moccasins are too rad for words. Thank you, Vivi magazine, Cawaii magazine and Japan, for bringing this to my attention.


Fujii Lena and the Vivi Girls

23 Feb


I love this model. Fujii Lena is one of the half-something/half-something models for Japan’s Vivi magazine–the greatest fashion magazine on the planet. Here is Lena in a “music video” of her wearing clothes, changing clothes, making smoochy faces at the camera, and posing in her underwear. I think guys will like it. Here she is talking about fashion–I think– with a cartoon wolf. Unfortunately because I only speak Mandarin, my Japanese is limited to reading kanji so I don’t know what the heck they are saying except for fa-sheen check-o.

Admittedly, Vivi is probably geared towards 14-year-old Japanese girls, but I am 23 and love it, so there. Vivi champions the mixed aesthetic. They use mostly half-Asian, half-white models to show the gorgeousness of diversity, not to mention the awesomeness of candy-colored clothes and moccasin boots (more on those later). My other personal faves are Marie and Jun, pictured below.

Jun and Pharrell


Marie, on the left. I hear she is half French-Canadian, and 100% gorgeous. Yay for big noses!

Gotta love Vivi’s selection of models.