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Musings on Japan

19 Jan

Ok. So I’ve just moved into a new apartment. And tonight, I saw one of the people I share the building with. There are 8 people altogether living under one apartment block, divided by one thin wall each in between us. I wonder if anyone knows who’s living next to them. It struck me today when I saw that guy walking up those hard wooden steps and entering one of the single units that I call home.  Such a solitary existence.
I think Tokyo is such a lonely city. There are so many people on this little island, yet Tokyo-ites are I think one of the most solitary beings in this world.  They travel to and from work, on the same train probably with the same people and not noticing a single one. Is it just me or does everyone in Tokyo have glass eyes? And by that I mean eyes that reflect away everyone apart from themselves.


Maybe that’s one of the reasons why people in Tokyo can dress the way they do. It’s a rebellion against the way their own society is structured. A society based upon a retraction into themselves. Maybe that’s the only space they can own.

Shibuya Girls by Jukka Vuokko.

It’s so easy to be anonymous here. I’ve only lived here for 6 months, but I feel like I can be anyone I want to be. I can act and dress like any persona I wish to create that day. Who knows, maybe it’s the fact that I have no past here. No one knows me and it’s just like starting from zero.
But all you have to do is look around you.

Walk around Shibuya and see the girls with the fake hair and faces full of make up.  In any other country, they would be stalked and harassed like nobody’s business. On the streets of Tokyo this sight is so common no one blinks an eye, no one takes a second glance.