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Lumberjack Fashion

24 Feb

I think of late the Japanese are into something I will call Lumberjack Fashion. This includes trapper hats, plaid dresses and moccasins. I was scoffed at by a Korean friend at the Wudaokou Fuzhuang Shichang in Beijing (more on that later: You will thank me when I tell you) when I attempted to buy a plaid dress. She laughed, “That was a trend in NINETIES Korea, ha ha ha.” Whatever, Minji. It was cool then, and it is cool now. 😉



If I could fit in Asian clothing I would have bought that dress, paired it with my black moccasins, and laughed all the way back home on the plane. Picture below courtesy of


Can I get away with this?

24 Feb

I’m on the borderline with this Japanese trend. Would these sexy overalls with skinny jean legs be flattering on any but the very petite?



OMG I F*ing Love Minnetonka

24 Feb

So moccasins are all the rage in Japan right now, and I am jumping on the bandwagon–the Japanese are on to something. MOCCASINS ARE THE SHIT!!!



During my visit to Hawaii I saw two Japanese girls wearing Minnetonka moccasin boots and it forced me to spaz out and buy a pair even though that means I won’t have enough money to eat next month. My new shoes:

My new boots

I don’t care and now I want to buy these ankle boot moccasins:


…Because moccasins are too rad for words. Thank you, Vivi magazine, Cawaii magazine and Japan, for bringing this to my attention.