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Yon Sama…in 3D!!!

26 May

Now this just made me giggle. With the ubiquitous popularity of 3D in Japan (all over the world?) now, for the ladies out there, there is a new Yon sama movie…in 3D! Saw the ad on the train, began frantically texting the news to unimpressed friends. “Who is Yon sama?”

Japanese housewives must adore him! What does this say about the neglect they must suffer at home? He is like the most popular romantic novel ever. Here is a review of the film by Zoom on Bae Yoon Joon.


Tamaki Hiroshi has the best hair

26 May

Does anyone have his number? Lol

Rumi is reading my mind

26 May

Lately Rumi Neely of The Fashion Toast is reading my mind. Just chopped up a thermal into a cardigan the other day, then–lo! She does it too, and in a much cooler and far more interesting way. Her fashion gears have started kicking up as Southern Cal enters summery weather. Congrats for the Forever21 campaign, Rumy! Picture from The Fashion Toast.

girly boys

27 Jan

In Japan, the women loooove the girly boys, and somehow this emasculated male fetish is growing on me. Why do Japanese women prefer non-threatening men in Japan, any ideas/analysis? Matsujun is even advertising mascara now! Pictures all stolen from, which became worthless when it started to collaborate with the Man!

Ikuta Toma:

Oguri Shun:

Of course, Matsujun:

And the best for last…Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun in women’s clothes–Toma is the nurse with the red arrow. And then…the infamous kissing scene between the two of them. Yup, they made out. Love Tomo in Hana Kimi!

Bae Yoon-joon

26 Jan

This is an actor named Bae Yong-joon. He’s apparently superfamous in Korea and beloved in Japan. I am on the fence about his hair…OK, not on the fence, I think he looks insane. Yea or nay on this guy? I just moved to Japan so I am somewhat obsessed with the girly-boys here.  Does anyone get it? Someone please recommend some of his work so I can understand the fascination.

Comme des Garcons

26 Jan

As a fashion novice, I am just starting to notice and delve into interesting, structured pieces, so it took little Tavi, the precocious baby blogger, to get me hooked on this particular piece–a fabulous cardigan by Japanese brand Comme des Garcons. Here is the original:

And here is the pipsqueak version, styled for the pipsqueak fashion commentating child queen herself. So cute! And Tavi does a great job showing the piece from several angles.

That is all.

Pictures courtesy of Tavi’s blog and of

tokyochii and japandamanda

26 Jan

Just a note to readers–we currently have two writers on this site, tokyochii and japandamanda.

tokyoichii is a fledgling designer; japandamanda is an amateur fashion enthusiast. tokyoichii’s posts will focus more on inspiration from the creation side of fashion; japandamanda will focus on consumer/personal style posts.

Please check the bottom of the post for the author.