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Yon Sama…in 3D!!!

26 May

Now this just made me giggle. With the ubiquitous popularity of 3D in Japan (all over the world?) now, for the ladies out there, there is a new Yon sama movie…in 3D! Saw the ad on the train, began frantically texting the news to unimpressed friends. “Who is Yon sama?”

Japanese housewives must adore him! What does this say about the neglect they must suffer at home? He is like the most popular romantic novel ever. Here is a review of the film by Zoom on Bae Yoon Joon.


Tamaki Hiroshi has the best hair

26 May

Does anyone have his number? Lol

Rumi is reading my mind

26 May

Lately Rumi Neely of The Fashion Toast is reading my mind. Just chopped up a thermal into a cardigan the other day, then–lo! She does it too, and in a much cooler and far more interesting way. Her fashion gears have started kicking up as Southern Cal enters summery weather. Congrats for the Forever21 campaign, Rumy! Picture from The Fashion Toast.