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11 Sep

Debating..are these South Korean shoes ridiculous, or are they whimsical and amazing? Hmmm (reaching for credit card…)


Baseball Hats

11 Sep

So the one way you can spot Korean girls in Beijing is the baseball cap. It seems to be a huge thing in Korea, and I have never once met a Chinese girl wearing a baseball cap. I love the baseball cap–these girls wear the sweetest, most “wenrou” (gentle, ladylike) outfits, and then-bam! A baseball cap to top it off. Surprise, surprise. I enjoy the conflict.

In Style and Jung Ryo-won

11 Sep

Now while Popseoul! loves to hate on the (overly?) slim Ryo-won, I just love the girl’s style. Here she is glamming up In Style.


11 Sep

Now that’s what I call a shopping bag.

The return of Minnetonka

11 Sep

Damn you, Vivi magazine! This moccasin + loafer combination, which half a year ago I would have found ridiculous, is my current obsession. Minnetonka is surprisingly cheap…or maybe it is because of living in the UK that my concept of “expensive” has changed…