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Ede and Ravenscroft

17 Aug

If I were a guy and had a ridiculous amount of money. this is where I would buy ALL of my clothes.


Saba’s Sweet Kicks

17 Aug

My Iraqi-Swedish friend and her sweet kicks. Damn her.

Jung Ryu-won

13 Aug

It seems I am Korea fashion blogging a lot today, but I would give my right eye for half the clothes in Kdramas…Korean tv/moviestar Jung Ryu-Won is a fashionable little starlette: props for her very nice personal sense of style.


13 Aug

Sorry I haven’t posted my blog in a while, I was in Beijing and currently all of WordPress is blocked by the Great Firewall. This is ironic since I opened a WordPress blog as my previous blogs on Blogspot were blocked, and now WordPress is blocked and Blogspot is not. I think China simply can’t handle how far behind fashionably they have fallen. Won’t be winning any gold medals from me!

Anywho, salivating over South Korean brand Celli today. As with a lot of Korean fashion, it is ladylike with an edge.