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Tadanobu Asano

25 Jun

Gotta love a man who can sport an afro. And blond hair. And long hair. And Chloe Sevigny.

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Catfish, Dogfish

22 Jun

The best stores in Cambridge.


And the best fashion blogging award goes to…

19 Jun

Bryanboy. I love this kid. He’s 19 or something, from Manila, and absolutely delightful–note the tag that pops up when you load his blog: “So gay I sweat glitter!” Sweet, funny and entertaining to boot, apparently Marc Jacobs even designed a bag for him.

The Bryanboy bag. Not bad, though it is made of ostrich 😦

Bryan, doing his thang in Australia.

Doing what he does best–blogging!

Copenhagen Street Style

19 Jun

A cool street style blog, Copenhagen Street Style featured this Asian-Danish (?) dude who is apparently a designer for Kai-aakman. Loving the brightness of the pants. Yay for personal style and a man who isn’t afraid of carrying a lady bag.

SHINee and Vogue Girl

19 Jun

Now I don’t know much about Korean boy band SHINee, but these tracksuit tops and the quality of these pants are amazing:

Then there are the colors in this jacket:

And this amazing jacket. The quality of the cut and manufacture are obviously topnotch on the guy on the right, and I think girls would look amazing in the outfit on the dude on the left:

Long Blazers

17 Jun

Now this is a bit of an old trend but I love it: the casual long blazer/jacket. Seems to be a Korean thing. Classy. has some pretty sweet selections.