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Dress Assistant

13 Apr

Damn you, Apple! This application allows you to spend hours organizing your closet (after spending an embarrassing amount of time filming your entire wardrobe)…but then it provides hours of enjoyment. Look! I “designed” this outfit, wore it, and looked nerd-tastic:

And I’m gonna wear this sweet outfit when England stops being so icky and rainy and shines a little sunshine on my life:

Download here. Free for Mac users with updated operating systems. Yes, I am as shallow as that girl in Clueless that I organize my clothing using a computer program…and love it.



7 Apr

Another Etsy find. This Boston native designs these awesome Japanese inspired obi waist dresses–WITH COWL NECKS. It doesn’t hurt that the designer has an awesome bod and models her own dresses. I kind of hate her and love her at the same time. Go go obi belts! Designs and pictures by VenniCaprice on

Secretary Style

4 Apr

Okay, I am starting to develop a little girl crush on this Finnish girl. She calls herself Piksi and posts her sweet secretary style (Korean) on Flickr. Love the glasses and the bowtie shirts. Thinking I might dye my hair super blonde too and pretend like I am Finnish.