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Lucha Workshop and tee dresses

21 Mar

Long tees and T-shirt dresses are all the rage in Asia right now…


…and I love this guy’s designs. Reasonably priced, too. Not quite sure how he makes money.


He even has a nice jersey “villain” scarf to go with the weapon dress.




18 Mar

Too brilliant for words. I am attributing this to all of Asia.



Chinese Tailors Part 1: Tuxedo Jacket

18 Mar

In China, if you either can speak Chinese or if you have a Chinese friend who wants to go with you to help you bargain, you can get an awesome suit tailored for less than $30. Here is a white tuxedo 80s clubbing jacket I had made in Beijing for about $15 out of “bu tou” (left over fabric) and silk trimming detail:



The secret is to buy your fabric at Muxiyuan in the southern part of Beijing, or for you Shanghai-based peeps to get really friendly with tailors in Shanghai. Fabric should cost you less than $1 -2 per meter for regular stuff, a bit more for high thread count fabrics, high quality silk or nice tweed or leather. For labor costs, a suit costs about 100-150 RMB for the jacket, 30-50 RMB or less for the pants. Dresses are 100-150 for labor costs, depending on how demanding you are. My tailor in Beijing is called Gu Shifu, but I call him Pierre, which he loves. Don’t make button down shirts, they tend to suck royally. Coats and suits are the way to go with tailors.

18 Mar is overpriced, and this makes me sad, but I love the stuff on there and stare at clothing, drooling, every other day. How genius is this ruffle top? ($68) 😛


And this alpaca coat:


Or this orange dress by Ribonne:


Or this nerdy secretary dress with those addictive ruffles:


Ok, I admit it, this blog exists purely for me to salivate over clothing I can’t buy. 😦 is the key to happiness #3: OBI BELTS

18 Mar

These are genius obi inspired belts from Looby Lou. I love them. Thank you, Etsy. Buy them here.

purple-obi.jpg is the key to happiness #2: KIMONOS

18 Mar

And another reason why rules. PLAID KIMONOS.

They have other ones too, but the plaid one is the coolest. Here are some other cool kimonos on
white-kimono.jpg is the key to happiness #1: PLAID

18 Mar

Oh. My. God. So in order to cure me of my Ebay obsession (it comes in huge, monstrous, money-devouring waves), my Swedish friend Johan suggested I look at DAMN YOU JOHAN! They have the most AMAZING shit. A lot of it is vintage and/or actually 100% UNIQUE designs CREATED by normal people!!!! I am a poor student only becoming progressively poorer. Look at how they feed my plaid obsession: