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May Doni Kim

28 Feb

K, I guess this isn’t so fashion related, but this little Korean girl is 14 and sings like a pro. Ooh I got chills.

Ok, to make it fashion related, here is her make-over (at 17). It sucks.


For Christ’s sake people, she is still a little girl. Let her rock the long shirt/baggy skirt style.



28 Feb

This brings out the inner secretary in me.




More Korean…or Japanese? Street Fashion

28 Feb

Edit: serious contentions about where these pics are. Getting a lot of comments about this being in Tokyo, honestly, no clue here. Wherever I grabbed the pic must have said something about Korea, so my bad if it is not. In any case, look, they dress cool.


Korean Street Fashion

27 Feb

Somehow Korean street fashion is far more adorable and less disturbing than the occasionally frightening (though intensely creative!) Japanese street fashion. Pictures courtesy of



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Who rocks hip hop style the best?

27 Feb

So here we have China/Taiwan’s three versions of Justin Timberlake. (Actually, their music is even lighter than that. Asia loves the ballads, and artists can’t really succeed musically there without some soft singin’ for the ladies…).

So! Who rocks the Asian hip hop style the best?

1. Chinese-American Wang Lihom


2. Taiwanese rapper Huang Lixing


3. Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou


(I’ll give you a hint–it’s Huang. He’s the only one who consistently features bitches in his music videos, an essential component for any self-respecting hip hop artist. Here he is ripping the skirt off of some girl and then showing off his t-shirt. Classy).


I take it back

27 Feb

In a previous post I said that Vivi was the best magazine ever. I lied. It’s Fruits. Pictures courtesy of Fruits magazine, Wang Dawei (who just got into Georgetown, Smarty McScholarpants!), and creative-ass Japanese people everywhere. Click for full size images.






Short skirts under long shirts=GENIUS

24 Feb

I am marking this one down as Korean fashion because it is usually the Koreans who rock it. And it is f*cking awesome, so go Korea! If my Korean wasn’t so shit I would say something to the effect of, “Korea is the shit and I want to move there and eat delicious Korean food for the rest of my life.” But I only know how to say “Korea,” so we’ll leave it at that. Hanguk.



An awesome thin ruffle skirt (American Apparel has tons of perfect skirts for this). I like this leopard print one. And then add a long sweater over it. (Or in the summer a tee shirt). And voila!



The Shit.